Consultative recruitment solutions for a global data, analytics, and technology company​

Sourcing a strategic CISO to support business decision-making in a crisis

Barclay Simpson has partnered with a multinational consumer credit reporting agency to deliver multiple senior management and Board-level placements over several years. When they needed a new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) during a period of company crisis caused by a security breach, our knowledge and experience allowed us to quickly ascertain the client’s needs and create a tailored recruitment strategy. They now have a strong CISO in place delivering high level IT insight to the board and actively informing business decision making. 


The challenge:​


As a global data, analytics, and technology company that enables access to credit, they pride themselves on their ability to use customer data safely and effectively. When a data breach occurred, they needed to regain customer confidence fast and looked to their cyber security team to drive innovation and improvements. When a senior-level cyber security employee left the business, they experienced a skills and knowledge shortage that impacted decision making.


The solution:​


They again engaged Barclay Simpson, knowing that the long-standing relationship would enable us to quickly translate their needs into a fast-acting strategy. By performing an insight-driven executive search we were able to draw up a market map and shortlist of qualified candidate profiles, enabling our client to find the right candidate with relevant experience within timeframe and budget.


The outcome:​


Through consultation and active listening, our market insight into regulatory pressures and requirements enabled us to guide a recruitment process that fit the multinational consumer credit reporting agency’s organisational culture and processes. The new UK & Ireland CISO is a vocal leader able to deliver insight-driven information security solutions to the board, delivering a positive and lasting impact across the organisation.

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